Divorce Mediation in St. Louis, MO

We all want happy kids . . .

Children Are Happier When Parents Resolve Their Conflict

With Divorce Mediation

I help parents who are going through a divorce get to the other side with the best attainable outcomes for all involved. I specialize in high-conflict situations in which the parents are not getting along or not communicating effectively.


My approach is child-centered and focuses on what is in the children’s best interest.

It is conflict, not divorce that destroys children. My divorce mediation is a child-centered approach to divorce. It deals with parent conflict in terms of its impact upon the children. Although children can vary in their resilience and vulnerabilities, specific behaviors of parents are known to adversely affect children’s growth and development. My divorce mediation helps to lift the burden of divorce conflict off the backs of the children.

I provide a safe, neutral environment in which parents can share information and make joint decisions.

Communications are managed in a way that both sides can be heard. Parents are encouraged to “stay out of the past” – the emphasis is on averting future problems rather than assigning blame for past problems. Information is shared in a straight-forward, business-like, civil manner.

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I help parents to develop and reasonable expectations and boundaries for each other.

Detailed protocols are established in every area of parenting, including:

  • Child exchanges
  •  Telephone access to children
  •  Household rules and consequences
  • Joint attendance at events
  •  Selection of children’s activities
  • Medical appointments
  •  Information sharing
  •  School Issues

Part of my divorce mediation service is to offer specific recommendations, including commentary about non-productive parent behavior, based on many years of experience working with families and divorce.

I help parents to develop a Parenting Plan for their children.

The Court requires all divorcing parents to complete a Parenting Plan that establishes parental authorities, residential and holiday schedule for the children, financial obligations of the parents, etc. I’m familiar with the pro’s and con’s of various visitation schedules, holiday arrangements, etc.

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I help parents to get through the logistical, legal, and emotional hurdles that lie ahead.

Divorce is one of the most challenging and difficult times of one’s life – and in the midst of this emotional turmoil, people have to make decisions that will permanently affect their future (and their children’s future). Trying to sort through all of the logistical, legal, financial, and parenting decisions that have to be made is overwhelming. Clear-headed guidance and perspective is tough to find. The person who used to be a partner is now an opponent, family and friends blindly pick sides, lawyers advocate only for their client, and therapists provide good support but don’t have complete information and generally know little about the divorce process.

As a divorce mediator, I can help parents resolve difficulties that arise in divorce proceedings, avoid / minimize court battles, and find a middle ground where they can discuss their issues and make good decisions for their children. I can help parents through the emotional road ahead and I am familiar with the divorce process, the courts, and the family law professionals.

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Depending upon how the divorce was conducted, parents can continue to have difficulty communicating with each other and making decisions together for years after the divorce. Many feel traumatized by the experience.

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