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Children are Happier if Parents Resolve Their Conflict

Parenting Coordination in St Louis, MO

Parents in need of parenting coordination in St Louis, MO

When the Court decides that parents are likely to be unable to agree on matters involving their children once litigation is over, it may appoint a Parenting Coordinator to resolve future difficulties and to keep the parents from having to return to court. The Parenting Coordinator promotes the best interests of the children. As Parenting Coordinator, when an impasse arises, I have two roles:

  1. To try to help the parents resolve their dispute through facilitation, consultation, coaching, and education. This role is exactly the same as Co-Parenting Counseling. (Link to Co-Parenting Counseling page)
  2. If it is clear that despite all efforts the parents cannot agree, then I begin an arbitration process in which each parent presents his/her preferred outcome and I make the final decision.

Some Parents want the Parenting Coordinator to act solely as an arbitrator and are not interested in trying to work with the other parent. They believe their relations to be so poor that no agreement can ever be reached. These parents simply want an impartial third-party professional to make decisions about issues that otherwise could never be resolved.

Other parents get along well enough that they can make most decisions without outside help but they want a Parenting Coordinator as a kind of insurance policy in case a big decision comes along that they can’t agree on. Parenting Coordinators also resolve disagreements about the interpretation of the Parenting Plan.



Appointment of a Parenting Coordinator requires an order by the Court and must be agreed to by both parents. The Parenting Coordinator’s authority typically does not include financial matters or the ability to make permanent changes in the custody plan, but it may cover a wide range topics including things such as education, daycare, medical, activities, transportation, drug testing, etc. The Parenting Coordinator has access to all transcripts and records of the children.

The Parenting Coordinator is not bound by normal confidentiality rules and is free to share conversations with parents and to have discussions regarding the case with anyone deemed relevant.

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